One of our most sought after FAQs is how to properly use the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, to sew a basic lock stitch.  Please find downloadable instructions, as well as a video demo courtesy of

All Speedy Stitcher sewing awls come with a bobbin of thread pre-loaded in the awl handle and two needles stored under the chuck lock of the awl. This makes using the awl easy and quick, you can start any sewing project almost immediately. If you need to get your awl set up, we have created a quick video that shows how to do this. You can find it on the Speedy Stitcher YouTube channel here.

Stitching Instructions

1. Starting from the backside, push the needle through the material of your project. On the front-side, fully draw out the thread, long enough to do the entire project - remember to add an extra 3" of the thread. 

2. While keeping your thumb firmly over the thread on the handle of the awl, hold the thread and pull the needle back out of the hole. Then start it through the second hole. 

3. Push the needle through the second hole as far as it will go. Then pull back slightly on the awl just until a loop is formed. 

4. Pass all of the thread through this loop. 

5. Hold the thread end taut. Pull the needle out of the hole, forming a lock-stitch. Pull taut, the lock-stitch knot should be buried in the middle of the fabric layers. 

6. Release more thread between the needle and material to allow for the next stitch. Continue this process until your project is finished. 

7. After the last hole on the backside of your project, grasp the loop and pull the thread out of the hole. 

8. Cut the thread, leaving two 3" lengths to tie off. 

9. Tie the ends in the knot on the backside. Trim the excess thread. 

10. To safely store the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl, remove the needle from the threaded post and place it back in the appropriate slot. Screw the chuck lock back in place. Presto! 

You can download our step-by-step guide including helpful tips and tricks for using the Speedy Stitcher below. 

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