This little tool worked great!
— Barbara Ramsay,
All I can say is that the awl works great and that I highly recommend it.
— JB5,
I found it extremely easy to use and its very well made. With no idea how to sew I made excellent looking repairs to some of my fishing gear on the first day of owning it.
— Bill via
It’s a great tool to have around the homestead.
— Stephanie via
I’ve fixed backpacks, luggage, sewn soles on shoes (through existing holes) and leather straps. The awl beats leather needles and a pair of needle nose pliers hands down.
— Sean Hart via
I have used the speedy stitcher awl to fix my backpacks and even repair the canvas exterior to my Jeep. It makes easy, tight, tough stitches. The thick wax thread is up to almost any job. I love this tool.
— Bill via
This is a quality product (and made in the USA, no less). No comparison to the cheaper import models. Very stout construction.
— Boris via
Have had this awl for some years and have repaired from sails to canvas chairs, even made winch covers, bags and a wheel cover. Brilliant.
— Patrick via
When I lost a tent pin after the stitching came out of the webbing, I was looking for a tool that would got through the thick material. This did the job. The needle went through the webbing like butter.
— Jim via
...quickly learned how to use this tool and have sewn several projects with it, including heavy duty full grain leather bags and pouches. This is the original design and it works perfect.
— hogges via Liberty Mountain